The Fun Series

The Fun Series


3 Pack of Notebooks

The best everyday notebook with the occasional invitation to have fun. 

If we could describe our lives in one word, many of us would say 'BUSY'. We created this notebook to act as a personal and professional resource that occasionally reminds us that FUN is worth making time for. Throughout the pages of your notes from work, grocery lists, doodles, and thoughts there are a simple perforated pages that encourages you to have fun. It's simple.

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We've been fortunate to work with Karrie Dean and Happy Habitat to create The Fun Series Notebook. This 3 pack of notebooks currently comes in 3 different Happy Habitat designs: Hippos, Kenichi, and Magic Number. The Journals are grain embossed with blind and gold foil stamping to create a wonderful tactile experience you have to hold to truly appreciate.


Each notebook in the Fun Series has sections of lines, grids, and boxes allowing for a varieties of notes sketches and doodles. All of the pages are numbered so you can utilize the handy index in the beginning of each notebook to reference each subject or entry. Now you can find those meeting notes, that grocery list, or that world changing idea faster.