"The Acts Of Good Journal Volume 2"

This journal was created to inspire Acts of Good. A tangible book, released into the world to capture the stories of the lives touched along the way. Each journal starts as a blank canvas, passed from one person to the next through an Act of Good, uniquely documenting the path, impact and effect it has on the world before it is returned back to you as a completed manuscript of how you made the world a better place.

"The Fun Series Notebook"

"The Fun Series Notebook" is the best everyday notebook with an occasional invitation to have fun. If we could describe our lives in one word, many of us would say 'BUSY'. We created this notebook to act as a personal and professional resource that occasionally reminds us that FUN is worth making time for. Every 16 pages of your notes from work, grocery lists, doodles, and thoughts there is a simple perforated page that encourages you to have fun. It's simple.

"The Patriot Notebook"

The Patriot Notebook was created as a conversation piece, designed to put the spotlight on the sacrifices of those in our armed forces and their families. 

Every 16 pages throughout the notebook there is a reminder, a thought, or a call to action encouraging patriotism to be part of our everyday lives. The Notebook is more than a quality writing tool, it's unique design sparks conversations in coffee shops, subways and business meetings across the world about the patriotic sacrifices of the men and women, along with their families, that serve in our armed forces.


"Trade & Tool"

We all think, work and create in different ways. This includes how we learn, how we organize our day, and how we use our notebooks as a professional tool. We created "Trade & Tool" as a exploration into how some of the top creatives, activists and professionals in the world, think and work at the most basic level, their notebook. Each notebook spotlights a single individual (Architects, Surfers, Graphic Designers, Moms) and we collaborate for what they would consider to be their perfect notebook as a personal / professional tool. We then get to share the notebook that inspires them, with you!


"We're All Going to Die"

We're All Going to Die (WAGTD) is a multimedia art experience that explores the role fear plays in our lives. We've been fortunate enough to work with author and artist Stefan Hunt to help bring to life the book portion of the project. We're All Going to Die is now available for Pre-Order.