At Inspire Good Publishing Co. we strive to make the world around us better by publishing quality products that encourage a positive lifestyle. We do this through developing and marketing works of our own, as well as working with other creative individuals to bring their amazing ideas to life.


Publishing quality products is at the core of our business. Our focus ranges from taking early stage concepts to market, to increasing distribution and sales of a proven work.  Each of our clients and projects have individual needs, goals and outcomes that we tailor fit to meet the highest level of success possible.

If you are an author, artist or creative and have a project that you would like to submit for review, simply fill out our Submissions form.


Everything starts with design: How it looks, how if feels, the way you even sometimes want to smell it. These things are all more important than we may recognize in our daily lives. That's why we are committed to paying attention to the smallest of details to make a big difference in the overall outcomes of the products we create. So, if you are in need of designing out your idea and the space in which it lives, we'd love to hear about it! You can visit our Submissions page here.